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As the saying goes “it is not enough to give them fish, but teach them to fish”, the ultimate objective of Snehalaya is to help these differently able Children to earn their livelihood by working as per their capacity and to be independent to a large extend. A few batches of students have already gone home after completing 18 years. We have noticed that these Children are falling back on their parents as they have hardly any job opportunities in the villages. Again the Orphan Children have no place to go other than the Orphanages. In order to reach out to these Children, Snehalaya has decided to build a home for the Students above 18. This house will have accommodation facilities for Students above 18 as well as 4 workshops for job Skill training and making of small items as per the capabilities of these children.


  • Give equal opportunities to children with Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities by giving accessibility to all facilities.
  • To promote education for all the differently abled.
  • To promote gender equality and help to reduce the inequality in the Society.
  • To provide health care and prevent malnutrition among the disabled.
  • To have Workshops for the purpose of Vocational Skill training.
  • To have a vocational Cell to find jobs for the Students.
  • Provide guidance, counseling and emotional support.
  • Create public awareness regarding the rights of the disabled.
  • Help them to do higher studies as per their capabilities.
  • To help them to settle down in life with proper guidance and Counseling.


  1. Spacey building designed for taking care of the need of the differently able.
  2. 4 Workshops for the purpose of vocational Skill training.
  3. Qualified Staff for vocational training and for academic studies.
  4. Physiotherapy facilities.
  5. Complementary facilities: For the wholesome development and progress of the disabled, complimentary facilities are provided such as indoor and outdoor games and sports, T.V., audio and video, outings and picnics, get together and cultural programs, nutritious diet, airy, clean, green and eco-friendly surroundings.
  6. Facilities for those who want to come as day scholars.

Project Proposal

The New building for the Rehabilitation of the Students above 18 will consist of the following:

  • Dining cum Recreation Hall ( 120.60 SQM)   = Rs 2433000.00
  • Dormitory A (108.50 SQM)                             = Rs 2186000.00
  • Dormitory B ( 108.50 SQM)                           = Rs 2186000.00
  • Workshop A ( 69.30 SQM)                             = Rs 1398000.00
  • Workshop B ( 69.30 SQM)                             = Rs 1398000.00
  • Workshop C ( 69.30 SQM)                             = Rs 1398000.00
  • Workshop D ( 69.30 SQM)                             = Rs 1398000.00
  • Kitchen & Store Room ( 40.00 SQM)             = Rs 805435.00
  • Girls Room        ( 50.00 SQM)                       = Rs 1006240.00
  • Staff Room & Parlor ( 52.93 SQM)                = Rs 1068200.00
  • Office, Warden Room ( 52.93 SQM)              = Rs 1068200.00
  • Porch, Lobby, passage( 120.00 SQM)           = Rs 2421550.00

The Total estimated cost of the Project is Rs 18500000.00 (One Crore and Eighty Five Lakhs only)

An Appeal

The Management of Snehalaya earnestly appeal to your kind selves to generously contribute towards this noble project to help the differently able to help themselves. Your contribution will go a long way in making a difference in the lives of many less fortunate Children of our Society. We have 80G and 12A Certificates.

N.B: You are welcome to donate any amount towards this project.

Checks or Demand Drafts could be drawn in the name of “Snehalaya Education Society”.


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