St. Francis Assisi prayed ” Praise be to you my Lord,through our sister, Mother Earth, who sustains andgoverns us, and produces various fruits with colorfulflowers and herbs”.We at Snehalaya contribute our mite to thepreservation and nurturing of our Mother Earth byplanting and taking care of many Trees and plants inthe Campus. Some of the Trees we have in theCampus are Coconuts, Mangoes, Neem, Sandal,Jamul, Tamarind, Gulmohar etc. These Trees provideus with ample shade for our Children to play, studyand to relax. The fruit bearing trees give plenty offruits as per their fruit yielding season.

Vegetable Plantation

We have little more than half an acre of fertile landwhich we use for cultivation throughout the year. Inthe Monsoon season it is cultivated with Groundnuts,Tur Dal and leafy vegetables. After the harvesting ofthese crops, we plant Onions, Garlics, Potatoes, andvarieties of leafy vegetables. In spite of not using anychemical fertilizers or pesticides, we get very goodcrop. Thus our vegetable garden provides us withhealthy and uncontaminated food. The Canal whichflows adjacent to the property supply water for agreater period of the year.

Flower garden

The Visitors to Snehalaya are welcomed by the smile of the lush green lawn and the white and red roses. There are varieties of roses with different colors in the Campus. The seasonal flowers are a treat to the eyes especially in winter. The Children look after the garden class wise and they are proud of their garden.Apart from Trees and plants we also havelocal Chicken, Turkey birds, love birds and twofriendly dogs called Jimmy and Jathu. The Kids,especially those with speech difficulties like to sitwatching these birds for long time. I am sure they arecommunicating their love for these pets through thesparkle in their eyes.Thus Snehalaya is not only a home of love forthe special Children, but also for special plants, Trees.

Fr. Sunny Joseph

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