“I wish I could be like that person.” This is a statement that we often repeat toourselves. Deep down we know that we have the potential to be ‘that person’, butachieving it seems impossible in practice. But be sure it’s not impossible. Sometimes wehave the power to change our life in many ways that we may not even realize. We canbecome more confident and motivated, and find greater focus and direction in our life.We can become a better leader or manager and fill ourselves with positive energy.

Once we get used to these ways and have seen the real results we can achieve, wewill understand how we can expand these ways to our own specific goals. For example,before building a house we need to plan an architect’s drawing. Without it builderswould run around in circles not knowing where they are going or what to do next. But with a plan thebuilders can progress in an orderly fashion, from one task to the next, ensuring, for example, that theydon’t try to put the roof on before the walls have been built.

So it is with life. We have many desires andplans to fulfill. We all want to be happy andcontended in our lives. Today, it is a big questionbefore each one of us, that is, where have we reachedwith these plans and desires?Persons with disabilities also have great plansand desires in their lives. They also want to be part ofthe society and participate on an equal basis withothers. Many have achieved their goals in their lifeand have become great leaders in today’s world, withconfidence and encouragement.The children with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities at Snehalaya have the above desires and plans in their lives. They also have the will power to go ahead in their lives and become great one day. Some want to become a doctor, an engineer, a cricketer, a singer, a dancer and so on.

To reach these children in many ways and as widely as possible, are ready to give them a loving touch, a smiling face, a guide or motherly-fatherly love? They need encouragement and support to stand on their feet. It is to be noted that disability is part of the human condition, and that all of us either are or will become disabled to one degree or another during the course of our lives. Let’s work hard, and always have positive energy to work together. To be together in this world for a better world. Get sure shot solutions to all our worries and provide ourselves complete peace of mind in the shape of a product called ‘Yes we can…!

“Every bad situation will have something positive…

Even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day”.

Keep this mind and lead your life.

Sr. Aarti Wad.

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